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Old TeamUSA pilot looking to find everyone

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Hello all!


Kalo here. I used to fly for TUSA in the early 2000's. 

Back to sim life in full VR glory now :)


Trying to reconnect with any of my old squadron mates or affiliates if you're still out here. I saw some posts from some of the guys I used to fly with but there didn't seem to be a way to message anyone directly here on the forums.

Gate, Thrud, TX-Gunslinger, GOZR and many more.


Here's some more of the guys. If anyone is still out here I'm ready to do what I do.... Marseille things!

let me know where you're flying!



1. Gunslinger
2. Toad
3. Gate
4. Warfalcon
5. Kalo
6. Dire
7. Thrud
8. Voxman
9. Thunderbolt
10. Bury
11. Pipper
12. Astro
13. Pepper
14. Dizz
15. Kootenai
16. Gypsy
17. Viper
18. Gozr
19. Lunix
20. Stubs
TUSA forever!

I realized it was just the 1st old squad mate that had his direct forum messaging turned off. Sent out a couple of messages 





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Howdy Kalo


The old forum is still around, about once or twice  a year someone will post, Sabath keeps it alive.


We lost Gypsy last fall, from his Lung disease, him and I stayed in touch the whole time.

I even got him back to flying with the Dangerdogz.com his last three years on the rock, He thoroughly enjoyed himself and made a lasting impression.

We lost Monguse a little over a year ago, suddenly no warning, we also stayed in constant contact. 

Both sorely missed by me.

I see Thrud, Eco, Gozr, online presence all the time in the Flight Community or on FB.

Send me a PM and if your on FB I can get you into their haunts.

I'm still using all my old equipment, short and upgraded PC, which isn't hot enough for VR, but no more than I get a chance to play I suck royally at it compared to those days. LOL


Good to hear from ya.


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Hey guys,

Just signed up over the weekend, as well as downloaded BoS and futzed around with it.  I need to re-up my skill set (which was limited anyway, unlike you killers). 


Nice to see the familiar names...and can hear your voices in my head almost like having TS built into my brain from all those years.


Anyway, may see you guys in the Virtural skies.

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