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Paying it Forward

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Once upon a time, I received a gift from a fellow forum member ( @216th_LuseKofte )

and I planned to pay it forward as soon as I could but I had honestly forgotten about it.


So, I want to take advantage of the current sale and give away a premium copy of BoBp as it is a better value than a premium plane.


I only ask that the participants are forum members that ONLY HAVE ONE MODULE to date and that have been active members of the community (by this I mean that I can see an interest in the series that has lasted more than just a few days/weeks)


This is completely honor based so please abstain from participating if you don't meet the requirements.


to participate just comment "I'd like to participate" and I'll use  a simple random number generator to determine the winner.


EDIT: I will stop receiving participation requests tonight   Tomorrow at midnight (11:59pm gmt-5) and will choose the winner tomorrow  on monday. (i moved it to monday so people had the oportunity to see this during the weekend)


Lastly, and this isn't a requirement, please consider paying it forward whenever you have the opportunity.


*****Please ignore the incredibly disorganized nature of this post and any grammatical/spelling/cohesion/etc mistakes, i0m low on sleep and high on caffeine right now******






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13 minutes ago, 216th_LuseKofte said:

Thx for the nice words , mate. Not often one get those 🤗


Ooh no, you were the nice one. :salute:

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