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Finally almost no shimmering (for nVidia users) without taxing 4xSGSSAA

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I will, see below. First please be aware this hint for the last patch:
"4. Landscape rendering has been further optimized, this may improve the performance in many situations"


I just started two quick tests for the last patch with my recent settings, still looks fine. But I haven't tested it really, let's hope it's ok or still a good start. Fly low < 400 m over Moscow or Stalingrad-maps to check. Not that much difference between landscape = blurred or sharp for me. I prefer "sharp" because of  better look-out from high above.






PS: for owners of old graphic cards or FPS-freaks, set "antialiasing transparency = 2x multisample" isn't that much difference for me, but will add some FPS.


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