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LeFH 105mm Antiaircraft Gun

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So while reading the update log for this absolutely phenomenal update earlier today, I had a brief thought when I noticed the bit of information which stated that ground artillery pieces will now be firing actual projectiles which arc through the air rather than simply generating an explosion downrange without a shell.
That brief thought, as I'm sure I was not alone in having, was something along the lines of: wow that would suck to get hit by.
I quickly dismissed the notion however, as the odds of a moving aircraft being hit by a random howitzer shell seemed incredibly unlikely and I doubted I would ever see it happen.
As it turns out, I was wrong, and as an extremely unlucky AI P-39 pilot just discovered over Novorossiysk: HE 10.5 cm shells are very much not survivable.

So be advised, howitzer shells can kill you now lol.


"Gott im Himmel Herr Hawkeye"

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Posted (edited)

Reminds me of a story where Corsairs were landing on some Island in the pacific after attacking enemy positiones not to far away.

The Japanese troops using an artillery gun (not having anything better at that point). They hit one Corsair as it came in on finals.

(Anybody know where this happened btw?  Can't remember)

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Apparently occasional aircraft losses to artillery fire weren't uncommon.  I think I've read about Ju-87s and Hs-129s that were lost this way. Also fire from tanks brought down a few planes. I know of two Hs-129 that were shot down by T-34s and a Tiger gunner who shot down a Russian aircraft.

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