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Thank you TD and wish list for future patches

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First of all, I must give a big thanks to everyone at Team Daidalos for their hard work these past 10 years😇: adding these entirely new planes to game, AI and playable (like the B-24D, TBD, He-177, Ki-45, Italian aircraft, etc.), maps like the Solomons, New Guinea and New Britain, including Rabaul; Donbass, etc. AI planes in the original 1946 now flyable such as the U-2VS, Pe-8, IL-4, B5N2, MBR-2, etc. And many new features/fixes/enhancements.


That being said, here is a wish list for future patches (more of suggestions/ideas, rather than requests).


According to this website, https://vk.com/club120670117 There are plans to add a Channel and Tunisia maps, Flyable Gladiator Mk.II, DC-3 and family, Ju-52 + variants, Bf-110G-4, Dewoitine D.520. 


As a personal note I generally do not like modded flyable planes, so that is why I do not have Mods installed, but I do like map mods and ships.


AI planes made flyable:

1. B-25 variants such as C,G,H models.

2. TBM Avenger.


Entirely new planes flyable or AI:

1. Lancaster

2. SB2C Hell diver

3. OS2U Kingfisher


Outlandish. Likely not going to be made flyable:

H8K Emily


Gloster Meteor


Maps ETO:

1. Belarus early and late

2. Poland 1939 and 1945


Maps Western Front including MTO

1. Map similar to that of Rheinland map or entirely of Germany

2. Greece map

3. Italy map, a proper one.


Maps PTO:

1. Philippines

2. Truk Atoll.


Allied ships:

British Tribal destroyer and early destroyers

Kent class cruiser

USS Iowa.

Queen Elizabeth class battleship

V class submarine

U.S.S. Pennsylvania

HMS Ark Royal

HMS Courageous

HMS Nelson


Axis ships:

IJN Yamato

IJN Kongō

IJN Takao

IJN Agano

I class submarine

DKM Scharnhorst

1936 German destroyer

DKM Prinz Eugen.



More realistic sinking. Ships used to sink very quickly, but then got changed so it was realistic at first, but then slows down, so in turn is not very realistic.

More structural integrity during a crash landing. E.g. not exploding when belly landing at 250+ km/h.

New maps like BOM, Solomons, New Britain, Donbass, etc. and new planes being added to the Pilot Career, and not just campaigns.

AI fixes.

Difficulty: Limited Ammo- change to Limited Ammo and Limited Ordinances


As stated before, Thank you to everyone at Team Daidalos for all your work.



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Have never had the Kingfisher, would serve best in giving the Americans a float plane as well
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i'll Deliver your thanks to guys) 

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Try the BAT experience Sunday and Tuesdat evening in Hyperlobby at 21 cet! 😎

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