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Mod remains after removed in JSGME ?

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I'm trying to get rid of the MOD I had active that removes icon data, great mod, but I've gone VR and need distance and AC type icons again since aircraft are now just shapeless blobs

I've disabled it in JSGME  but still just get the smaller triangle (no distance or type info) ...


Some of the other MODS I've disabled appear to still function as well ?


is there something else I need to do ?

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I had this problem too - the mods remained even after deleting them from the Mods folder. It seems that occasionally a mod will break the game in some weird way. Only way to fix it was by re-installing...

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I know JSGME does leave leftovers, lesser then OvGME but it does.  Same as maps in your mod folder that are empty, but can not deleted or it shows a message that the mod can not deleted. 

I know in my case this mod did leave leftovers in combination to JSGME.  


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