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Just purchased COD works perfect no problems, all I wish to do is select a plane and airfield and take off and view the lovely landscape so how can I do that. I am not new to flight sims have many but this COD has left me strugling please don't say I have to use the mission builder I do not wish to make a mission I just want to take off and fly around and try out the planes first.


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Single player, quick mission. Then you can pick up something and change settings. There should be some missions where you start on a runway, just set enemies to 0 so you can take off and not get shot down. Dont remember which missions starts on the ground, but it's the one with bf110 in it for sure.

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Thank you for your reply, but have had no luck it seems that a lot of work has gone into this sim but for me the menu is not the best part if I can not select a plane and a airfield for a quick mission then it's not for me I do like to just fly around and view the great terrain and this sim has some of the best of southern England.

I purchased CLOD many years ago from Steam so I just thought I would download it again to see how it has improved and it has a lot it is a very nice looking sim on par with IL2 GB for looks.

Well it,s back to IL2 GB for me.


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Select the pre-made Quick Mission called "Cross country", is the only mission with take-off, from Upavon ~NW of map.

Before click in FLY, double click in the picture of default plane, an Bristol Blenheim, and in the next window you can select any of flyable plane.


Clod don't have Quick Mission Generator - like il-2:1946, IL-2: Great Battle, only pre made Quick Mission that allow you customize:

- Time of day

- Clouds: none, few, some

- Clouds height




After select your preferred plane, e.g. an Spitfire, click in Save As and save, for example - Spitfire take-off so now you have two Quick Missions with take off.

Repeat for other planes.


BTW - CloD GUI is very awkward, at point that former official  game developer Lutier post in 1c forum that after the release he are not able to make changes in this interface. 

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