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Motion Integrated G-Seat


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From Bergison  for those addicted simers interested in 🤩




A little over a year since the introduction of the Motion Integrated G-Seat, we now teamed up with a US based company which is building a prototype for commercialization. Altough this company is eager to bring the seat to market, it is still too early to say when it will finally be available, in which versions (flight, race, DIY parts) and how much each is going to cost. My estimate (and hope) is that we are going to see something within this year.

To speed things up, I am compiling a list of emails with all people interested in first-hand updates and information from this company, which I can forward to them.

If you want your email adress to be on this list, please kindly reply to this mail. A short "OK" is enough. Any additional request or comment is, as always, appreciated. If you don't reply to this email, I will not share your adress.

You receive this because you either wrote to me directly, or posted a comment on my website (https://bergisons.simpit.info/motion-integrated-g-seat). If you do not want to receive further information concerning the G-Seat, please let me know.

Best regards,


Chris "Bergison" Berghold


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