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So, part of the fun of participating in events like Bloody April is what game developers like to call emergent story lines.  Here's mine from last night (only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty*)


I'm a mercenary (though a very low-paid one I would imagine), so I was bundled up with other, equally homeless, scout pilots for the dawn mission.  Some I knew already -  others I was meeting for the first time - another bonus of these events.  Our orders were straightforward: CAP over a certain area.  After a certain amount of faffing over load-outs, skins, and fuel, the five of us spawned in at our designated airfield.  The flight-leader gave the signal to take off and we roared into the sky,  apart from one pilot who roared into a hangar.  He had neglected his pre-flight checks and it turned out his pedals were disconnected.  There was then a further disconnection as another pilot was booted out of the server, leaving us with three. Personally, I was  playing the realism card by not having discord set up correctly, so was unable to make out my flight-leader's commands.


Anyway, the three of us reached our destination and started patrolling.  Pretty soon, four bogeys were spotted - but not on our beat.  On balance, though we decided to investigate.  As we approached from behind, we could see that they were EA, and also that they hadn't spotted us.  When I opened fire on my target there was a most gratifying reaction - rapid pitch up, falling into an incipient spin, so I left him.  Meanwhile, our number two, who had led the attack, had become embroiled in a dogfight with the remaining three EA and was calling for help.  I spotted one of his assailants and turned to engage.  Just as I opened fire, the screen turned red and I was falling out of the sky.  My flight leader and I had collided!  Shortly thereafter our surviving flight member had his wings (inevitably) fold whilst trying to evade three Albies. So that was that.


I rejoined the server 90 minutes later and was put with another bunch of guys.  This time we were given the task of defensive patrolling and split ourselves into two flights.  Long story short - none of us saw an EA for this entire portion of the mission.  After landing and respawning we were directed to protect our arty spotters on the far side of the mud.  After the usual shenanigans of working out where each of us was and where we should meet, we managed to get a flight of Bristols heading out sausage-side.  For a while, everything went smoothly - the arty-spotter was unmolested and the only bogeys seen turned out to be SEs.  With the arty spotting completed, we accompanied our fellow Bristol westwards. As he dived for home, a fly in the ointment appeared - a lone Alby high above.  It pains me to say, but he did well, avoiding our gunners and firing off flares to summon his mates.  Very soon they arrived.  One of them was so eager to get into the fight that he flew through my machine and that was my BAX week 2 done.  As I plummeted towards the mud I could hear my team-mates cursing as one by one their Bristols shed their wings under the attentions of the swarming Albies.  This action will go down in history as the Massacre of Bapaume


I'd just like to express my gratitude to the guys at J5 who put this thing on and also to Adler Blau and Lucas who do the cat-herding for the Red Team - great job guys!


* answers on a postcard for where this quote came from.

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