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I am working on a project about the Battle for Cholm. I know StG 1 gave critical support to the pocket. I also know that fighters provided cover for Ju 52s, Ju 88s, Ju 87s, Gliders, Stukas ect... 


My question is simple. What Jagdgeschwader would have been providing cover around the pocket during Jan to May 1942?


To anyone interested in the battle I highly recommend Jason D. Mark's book "BESIEGED - The Epic Battle for Cholm". 

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8 hours ago, NETSCAPE said:

What about the Kampfgeschwader operating in the area?

As far as I know, I./KG 4 and II./KG 4, equipped with He-111, were the only bomber units in the area. They flew both supply and ground attack missions.

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