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TEST FLIGHT - TFS 5.0 Vickers Wellington Mk 1A

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Test flight and operational cockpit update of the TFS 5.0 Vickers Wellington.


Video introduces the functional Wellington 1a cockpit. Cockpit look around, cold start, taxi, circuit, to landing.


With a hefty payload, and relative ease to fly, all versions of the Wellington, including the torpedo variant, will prove very popular with the bomber crews, new and experienced, in the flight sim community.


We have shown in cockpit messages and mouse, to point out various components and functions throughout the video.


Also featuring the latest map build and populated Tobruk airfield. WIP update.


Images shown are not final and subject to change. Propeller transparencies will be fixed.Throttle system is in progress, will be no 'boost cutout' in final version, WEP power will be obtained by 'throttle gate' system.




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Wow - that is some impressive sound and cockpit animations - perhaps the first time in years where watching a video of a flight sim made me nervous about being too high... immersion adds up apparently.

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Thank you Team Fusion for this day where we see the fully functional cockpit of the Wellington.😇


Just one question, will there be tire marks in TF 5.0?



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2 hours ago, Novice-Flyer said:

Just one question, will there be tire marks in TF 5.0?


Or tire dust? That is an interesting question. I'm not sure how easy these things are to do.


Another graphical element I wonder about: The control surface animations don't seem to move smoothly, no blending, just jump to where the joystick happens to be at... I always wondered why this is the case but the cockpit control animations seem so much smoother?

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