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First timer question about IL2-GB module requirements?

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This might have been asked already, however a look through the forums I was unable to answer this question.

I am interested in purchasing only the BOBP module (as money is very tight ATM) but I am confused as to the need to own the other Modules first.


- If I buy from STEAM I need to purchase BoS first? (in order to play the other modules)


- If I take advantage of the "CabinFever'" promo codes and purchase direct through IL2sturmovik.com the modules are all stand alone? (don't need to purchase BoS)


Can somebody please clarify this for me.


Much appreciated,

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49 minutes ago, CanadaOne said:

Consider buying from this site. Better for the developer's business and I've found the installations and updates here to be smooth and hassle free.



What he said. Also, updates and new content always seem to be released here first. 

Welcome to the forum. 

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Thank you all for the replies.


Now I just need to figure out if my current rig can run it.


This virus has wreaked havoc on our currency here. The US to CDN conversion is US $39.96 = CAD $55.76 (plus bank fees). Might wait a few days to see if it becomes a little better. Could also go the other way unfortunately.


Will these collector planes work in BoBP standalone?

- P-38J-25 Collector Plane
- Spitfire Mk.VB Collector Plane
- P-40E-1 Collector Plane


If I can successfully run CLoD this should run ok... correct? Any thoughts?



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Hello fellow Canuck


I am running a Mac Pro 5,1 with a dedicated bootcamp partition running windows 7. I can run most modern games on it fairly well such as borderlands 3 on medium settings.



Processor Name:    6-Core Intel Xeon
Processor Speed:    2.66 GHz
Number of Processors:    2

Total Number of Cores:    12

Memory:    32 GB

Radeon RX 580:   8192 MB


TrackIR 5

Saitek X-52 Pro HOTAS

Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant



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Just a side note, whether you buy all or just one "module", you receive the entire game with all planes and maps.  You are restricted however to which planes you can fly by which modules/collector planes you purchased.  For maps, all are available in mp but not off-line.


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Depending on which Xeon you have, you'll run decent to great. If it supports higher turbo boost clocks, you will have a smooth experience even during very object-saturated scenes (lots of planes, heavy ground combat, etc) that are very intensive on the CPU. At any rate, your rig is pretty good.


I run on FX6300, Radeon RX460 4GB and 16GB or DDR3 on a 2k monitor and I have most settings maxed out, with the small caveat that I've set a target FPS at 30 and the dynamic resolution at 0.9 . My frame rate is usually 25-40 FPS, which suits me just fine.

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Thank you for all your help.


My specs look good!


After perusing the forum I can see a very  healthy community exists here. I must admit it has been a while since I have been in the virtual pilots seat. I am looking forward to getting my feet wet again.


I wish I had more funds to delve a little deeper into the other modules and do appreciate the discount codes offered by the devs to give this a go. Hopefully the FOREX market is a little better tomorrow.


I also noticed that CLoD:BE is $7.25 CAD on steam. Is it worth getting?



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CLoD remains yesterday's failed attempt to achieve what IL2-BoX did actually achieve. I bought CLoD on Steam and returned it an hour later. Others seem to like it though.


If Battle of Kuban is still 75% off, just start with the standard edition, and you get some good planes and the best map. Less than $20 Cdn and you get more than your money's worth.

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