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4.005 server crashing

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Hi all since up dating my IL2 to version 4.005 today the dedicated server crashes as soon as it loads the mission, this is on all missions I have tried, they were running stable on the previous version just yesterday>

I have re-saved one mission in the editor to see if that was a problem but its doing the same, anyone else having their dedicated servers crashing, is there a log file to look at ??


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I have just done a clean install of IL2 vers 4.005 plus the small dedicated server update today (35meg) and im still getting a crashing server once the mission loads.

On the Dogfight server list I see less servers now so Is anyone else having an issue at all, i'm not getting an error on the server log as its a program crash, is no one else getting this ??



22:53:48    Remote Console service started on port 8991

22:53:49    =====    DeathMatch mode    =====
22:53:49    =====    Dedicated server    =====
22:53:49    Brief info:
22:53:49        Max clients = 21
22:53:49        TCP: 28000, UDP: 28000, Downloader: 28100, U/D Limits = 1000/10000
22:53:49        Login with UserName 'kiwibirkin@gmail.com'
22:53:53    ... Login success
22:53:54        Server is being created
22:53:54    ... Server name 'DCSNZA-IL2-Server 2 Mission Testing'
22:53:54        Loading mission 'Multiplayer/Dogfight\RUS vs AI Kuban II Autum 1.00.mission' (Multiplayer/Dogfight\RUS vs AI Kuban II Autum 1.00)...
22:53:54        Server listener IP = ''
22:54:54    ... Mission loaded successfully
22:54:55    Server succesfully registered on master server

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Posted (edited)

Hi if anyone is looking at my posts, I have narrowed this down to just a Dogfight server, a Cooperative server runs fine with the test mission and a custom mission Cooperative

After loading the base dogfight example mission works fine Dserver works, so the issue is with all my current missions.

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