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Thanks for this "Heads up" to copy/back up my Great Battle files! Its actually the first time I've seen a notice like this & you can believe I'm starting right now!


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11 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:

Also, one issue that came up in beta was that if you create an MP mission and you over pack it past the brim with entities and objects which can cause an overload, you might experience some unexpected lag in calculating or displaying proper damage. So mission makers and server operators, please be mindful of this in your mission design and try to avoid overloading your server. Try to be creative, but also efficient. This has always been the case, nothing new here, but focusing on damage modelling made this issue more obvious to some testers in MP. The vast majority of servers and players have nothing to worry about, but some of you really try to push the limits and just wanted to remind you. There is no hard limit  and it's impossible for us to know the limits for each server, so try and find the limits for your individual server performance for your clients.


Hi Jason. I think Combat Box might well be one of those "packed to the brim" servers... 😉  Our strategy is to do stuff that makes for interesting missions, and they are clearly popular with the player base (3,996 players on Combat Box in March). We'd like to continue to try to do as much interesting stuff as possible.


Do you have more specific advice about what kinds of things will have an impact in an MP mission from a performance perspective? This patch has a large change to damage calculations, so is it player-to-player damage modeling that might cause issues, or more to do with bombs being dropped on targets? If bombs on targets, is it better to have more spaced out targets, or targets with fewer static blocks? Is it better to give players fewer larger bombs, or larger numbers of smaller bombs, or does munitions size make no difference? If it's the amount of AI that's a problem, are planes worse than ground units? Are AI bombers with many gunners worse than single-engine fighters? If we have ground AA, is it better to have fewer units at higher skill or more units at lower skill, or no difference?


We're keen to optimize our maps, so any additional info that you or team can provide will be helpful.

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21 minutes ago, J30-Reinamann said:

no joy.

installation failed.

I have tried multiple times.

Where do I post for help ? link please.


You can post here for assistance:


When you say Installation failed, do you mean you are trying to install for the first time and its failing, or you are getting a Failed to Update message from the launcher? Be sure to include that info in the topic you post. There may be some information on possible fixes for the Failed to Update error in some of the older update threads, as there were a couple updates where it was quite widespread and there were several things that helped it to work.

EDIT: You can also, obviously, directly contact support in addition to the forum. Sometimes it can take a little while before they get to you so you might want to make a support request early with your problem so that you can get into the queue. https://il2sturmovik.com/support/

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FWIW, I didn't see this post, but have had no issues at all and am enjoying the update.  Great work and much appreciated!  I really like the new variation.  Great adjustments and kudos to the team!


Would love to hear when the next aircraft are due out.  I suspect Social Distancing has us all even more anticipatory for new content and an update on Yak-9, Hurri and BoN would be welcome - even if <sigh!> it was 'continue to wait' news.

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