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Hi all...

I'm an italian guy and I discoreverd Flying Circus just few days ago...and I love it!

But I'm completely new in this world. I dont know aircraft, places and tactics but I love that historical period with its tragedies and its heroes.  

I wuold like to ask you what are the first steps to be taken in this world, where I can retrieve information on plane and which server are most popular for MP.


Thanks a lot.



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Hello Bradipo, welcome to WW1.


Regarding MP servers here are my suggestions:

a. Start with the server called  'April 1918. .......Hotrod Server'. Even if there are no other human players there there are numerous AIs and you can practice basic flying and fighting skills. The fact that in this server icons are ON will help you in identifying the different plane types.

b. The most realistic server and the one gathering the most people is the 'Flying circus Flugpark hosted by Jasta 5'. Many people there but also tons of veterans present. Get there unprepared and you are not going to live for too long.


As for getting started check the links below:







Those will give you some ideas on how to proceed.


Thomson's recommendation above on the specific videos is also very useful, watch those videos.


Enjoy the circus!


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Thanks for your replies Drookasi and Thomson.

OK, I'll follow you your advice and I'll read the FAQ and watch some videos on youtube. Then, I'll try "Hotrod Server".


See you!



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Ciao Bradipo,

spero ti diverta con FC. Non farti problemi a chiedere consigli. Se ti va, la prima volta che ci incrociamo in volo ti do l'indirizzo del nostro canale DIscord.

Ohh.. Bradipo, questi sono biplani quindi. "Vai adagio" ! 



Max von Arese

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Grazie mille MaxvonArese...spero di beccarti presto!


Thanks a lot MaxvonArese...I hope to see you as soon as possible.

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