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Just a few images from CloD :)

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The Creamy King bar in the picture above is really integrated in the Tobruk map (as an "easter egg") far away in the desert... its not a fake.

I discovered it randomly.

I propose to the peoples who discover its position to keep the secret of its location.

I will organise a chrono navigation to get there with my squad... 😁

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20 hours ago, Blooddawn1942 said:

Look who built the Martlet back then. 😄






17 hours ago, OBT-Mikmak said:

West of Derna




South of Bardia




As..le of the desert...
After a good kill, a good beer in the Creamy King the only bar 200 Km around...




Our version of the $100 burger stop :)

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The BF-108 really needed a civvy skin. This one's fictional, and needs a little more work. The blue should probably be a bit darker, as it looks rather washed out. No template as yet, though, so I'll keep it simple.



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I am having some difficulty with the graphics as illustrated by the two pictures above. I see the near side of the Spitfire as very very dark, and there is just NO way that there is anything close to being that dark in the desert.  A specific, direct hardline shadow would be seen, but the reflective light would reduce it many times over. I started this business with SWOTL  in 1992, so far be it from me to be less than overwhelmed with the graphic detail... but I am having a problem with the instrument panel being shaded and I can't see unless I zoom way in because it is so dark. Is this an incorrect graphic setting on my part? I promise, when you are flying under these conditions, light from all sources and directions is available and seeing/reading the instruments is not an issue. 

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Some fantastic shots here everyone! Looks amazing.


Can't wait to get into MP when I get the chance.
























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More spoiler images :P
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Man this beauty is difficult to fly, wobbles around everywhere, a little sensitive shall we say,  sure is a gorgeous model though.:drinks:





Egyptian Gladiator.jpg

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