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Graphics: I dunno about this...

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So doing a bit of a tot up of the money I have spent on Il-2 Sturmovik comes to $355 NZD.

Which is a heck of a lot to spend and it was buying on special...others have bought everything as it rolls out...


So flying in game at times, I wonder, visually, where it all went...


Try ground attack for instance:


Vehicles that are plain as day, but right next to that vehicle, is another one, that only is visible when you get closer. Huh?


MG/AAA positions etc do that same thing. The tree/house/box/sand bag/empty crisp packet they are next to is visible but they are not. Wut?

It actually makes deleting AAA a pita. You have to SEE them first, work out where they are and go back around.

Never mind that every thing around them is visible from over 1000m away. They are not. Again WT...


Trains. Wow. You can see the things fade in as you get closer.

At 1000m the train is invisible. Except for the engine. or what ever it is. That sticks out like a sore thumb.

IT'S A TRAIN! You can see them from space! They are immensely huge contraptions.

Nope it's just not there anymore. Well some bits are...


The circle of different coloured trees.... I mean come on. inside and outside the circle are a different colour.

Can we just turn it off? I mean I am OK with blurry flat bit map trees. Fine. I don't need a circle of Hi Def 3D trees to tell me I am flying over a forest.

I get it, Russia has a lot of forest. Check.


Don't get me started about planes disappearing. Yes I know we just don't talk about it anymore. It's an un topic. Fin.


So what's the deal, then? will these things get fixed?


My humble PC is not getting upgraded anytime soon and frankly most of the problems are to do with

the game. I am not expecting a lot from BoX but the above should not be happening really.


Bottom line is: some stuff fading in and out is just not really all that cool.


I paid my cash and would like to hear what the future is for these issues.


and buying a new PC just to crank all the setting to 11 is not an option.


$350 for game that still has "pop in" issues?  Did testing get done on all the various graphical settings???


sorry to come over as a bit/alot cranky but heck... $350 !!!! or more!


















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