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Could Dev team give some love to Tiger and IV's cupola visibility?

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Tiger's cupola diagram shown as below, we can see commander can have 360 degree view cover if he moves his head. but it has about 20-30 degree blind zone between each 2 slits in game. This is the most annoying thing I noticed on Tiger, PzIV and PzIII. Really hope Dev team can do sth to address this issue.



Another issue is about tiger's gun mantlet armor thickness, the poplar value is 100mm, but this is not the truth.The diagram below is the mantlet for mid version.  it's gunner's sights reinforced version, armor around gunner's sight openings is reinforced to meet 100mm thickness.The early version has no such reinforcement, same portion only has 70mm thickness. The tiger we have in game has early version gun mantlet.



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