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Historical information about airfields needed

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Hi there, I am in need of some historical information about which Staffeln/Squadrons were located at following airfields in the time frame of June - August 1918. I am also interested which planes they were equipped with. Some research is already done but I am missing some valuable information my sources couldn't provide.




Bullencourt: Jasta 32b Albatros D.Va, Pfalz






Epinoy: Jasta 23b, Jasta 35b Albatros D.Va


Moislains: Jasta 30, Jasta 46, Jasta 5 Fokker Dr.I, Albatros D.Va, Fokker D.VII 


Lechelle: Jasta 6 Fokker Dr.I,  Fokker D.VIIF





Allonville: No.85, 148th US squadron, No.203  Camels




Vert Galand: No.15 (R.E.8), No.59 (R.E.8) No.3 Sqn. Sopwith Camel


Soncamp: No.12 Sqn. mostly 2 seaters


Bellevue: No.18  Sqn. mostly 2 seaters


Lealvillers: No.41 Sqn. and No.32 Sqn. S.E.5a


Can you help to fill in the blanks? 

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Posted (edited)

Jasta 5:

23 Apr 1918 - 27 Jul 1918

27 Jul 1918 - 24 Aug 1918

June: Fokker Dr.I, July: D.VII, Dr.I, Pfalz D.IIIa, August: D.VII


Soncamp: No.12, R.E.8


Allonville was in use from the mid August until the September 1918


Allonville: 148th US squadron, Camels, from August 11th 1918

Allonville: No.85, from August 13th 1918

Allonville: No.203 (Camels) from August 14th 1918


Vert Galand: No.15 (R.E.8), No.59 (R.E.8)



Some other German units in the area:


Emerchicourt: FA18 Lb (Rumpler C.VII)

Busigny/Reumont: FA33 (Rumpler C.IV)

Lieramont (near Nurlu): FA(A) 207: (Rumpler C.IV)


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Posted (edited)

No. 23 Squadron RFC:

Bertangles - 28 March 1918 - 29 April 1918 - SPAD XIII
Bertangles - 16 May 1918 - 13 September 1918 - Sop. Dolphin


Later based at Cappy and Hancourt, but I guess that's no good for map making ;) 


EDIT: I should try reading. "Between June - August". oops. Lol! 



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Posted (edited)

Jasta 6 Fokker Dr.I, Albatros D.Va, Fokker D.VII

Jasta 6 didn't operate D.Vas after February. It was a Dr.I-only Sfaffel of JGI under MvR. In June it traded the Dr.Is for D.VIIs and moved south to fight the Americans.

In August, when they were again stationed on FC map, they were using D.VIIFs, E.Vs and possibly Mercedes D.VIIs.



Epinoy: Jasta 35b Albatros D.Va

Jasta 35b flew mix of Pfalz D.IIIa, Albatros D.Va and Roland D.VIa. On 24th August they replaced their planes with D.VIIs. 



Bullencourt: Jasta 32b Albatros D.Va, Pfalz


Jasta 32b swapped Albatros and Pfalz planes for Rolands in May-June. I'll try to see when they got D.VIIs later.

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Posted (edited)

St. Marguerite:
Jasta 7: Fokkers D.VII/F, 3xFokker Dr.I

Moislains: Jasta 30 - Pfalz D.IIIa until July. In July converted to D.VIIs. Were stationed at Mosislains for one day? Spent most of ther time in Phalempin, in Lens/Lille/Douai triangle

25 Jan 1917 - 9 Aug 1918
3 Moislains
9 Aug 1918 - 10 Aug 1918
4 Phalempin
10 Aug 1918 - 19 Aug 1918
5 Avelin
19 Aug 1918 - 30 Sep 1918
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Jastas known to fight English in this timeframe:
Jasta 16b (Frtz Roth was a famous member, info on him may include details)
Jasta 20 - reequipped with D.VIIs around July, flew in north part of FC map
Jasta 30 - Otto Fuchs book may have more details.
Jasta 40 - Equipped with D.VIIs in seconf half in June. Operated from Lomme, Lille

Jasta 51 - D.VIIs, St. Margueritte.

Jasta 56 - D.VIIs, in north.

German 6th Army ):
Jasta 14 (D.Va, Dr.I, D.VII)
Jasta 29

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys, I already PM'd this to Sizzlorr but figured I would repost for all.


A tool you can use for some great airfield info is an offline copy of a now defunct website.  I'll link you a download package.



1.  Hit Clone or Download green button on that page.

2.  Download zip file

3.  Either open the zip file and double click index.html  or extract the whole package to a folder and then execute index.html

4.  Opens website in browser



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