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Rescue behind the frontline

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Hello friends
As part of the campaign that I am building, I would like to include a mission of "Rescue behind the frontline".

This is the storyboard.
A plane is forced to make an emergency landing and the Player runs a circuit on the landing point to ascertain the situation. Then he returns to the base and gives the alarm, Rearm and Refuel and come back to intervene, which will have to reach the place, identify the aircraft on the ground and make a landing in its vicinity, then return to the base.
Of course, the mission will be enriched with multiple objectives, there will be an outline of other planes, both enemies and friends, of enemy land vehicles that will try to get there to capture the pilot etc.

Now the realization problems.
Unfortunately, the Damage command doesn't work on planes (or I'm not able to...), so I don't know how to make a damaged plane appear in flight ... but I just need to give it a minimum of fuel (say 0.02) and immediately the plane will try to land somewhere.
However, as soon as it landed, after about 30 sec., the plane disappears (although I have removed the flag in the "Delete after death" option ... in the Advanced Properties). So if we want to be realistic, when it disappears, we should bring up another similar plane (possibly a little damaged ...), in exactly the same place.

So basically, my questions are as follows:
1) - Is it possible to make a damaged plane appear in the air at the beginning of the mission?
2) - Is it possible that a plane remains on the place where it landed, without disappearing?
3) - If point 2 is not possible, how to exactly detect the position of an object on the map, during the course of the mission, so that we can spawn an other as soon as it disappears, pretending that it has never disappeared ?

As always, thanks for your attention, Stebas.

PS. I know that the mission could start with the plane to be saved already on the ground, this would be very easy, but I would like to start with the plane in flight.

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Posted (edited)

What you describe is a search mission. We have been doing these type of missions for years in RoF and FC.  Do you want to search for an unknown or do you want to put an icon on the map in the location of the downed plane?  It sounds that you want it to be an unknown area because you mention a plane in flight.


This is basically a ping pong of one complex trigger activating the next one in series.


Use a complex trigger with the plane name as part of the condition and (on object entered.).   Have the downed plane on the ground and spawn in when the complex trigger is triggered. Put in a timer so that the downed plane fires a flare a few seconds later. That timer also activates another complex trigger at the home base set to the same plane name but the condition is (stationary and alive.) This mcu is attached to a timer that activates another complex trigger at same spot as downed plane set to same plane name and (on plane stationary and alive).  This complex trigger activates the final complex trigger at home base, again (on stationary and alive).


So all these complex triggers start as NOT enabled except the first one over the downed plane.  


Once you get the ping pong working as desired you can spice things up. Copy the series and paste it a couple of times so that you now have three  copies.  Turn the first complex trigger to not enabled. Use a one out of three random switch to activate only one of the first downed plane complex triggers.  Now you have three places somewhere on the map to search but you do not know where.


Eventually you can clean up the program by eliminating the multiple sets of complex triggers over the home base. The three random areas could all be connected to just one set of complex trigger. It gets complicated though, making sure it only activates the proper downed plane area complex triggers. I use a set of counters that are deactivated after the mission starts and then the specific counters needed are activated by the same random switch that activates the first complex trigger.


WARNING: do NOT use the Bodenplatte map. You can not land off field on the soggy ground.

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Many thanks Butzzell, for your competent and appreciated intervention!
I am afraid, however, that I have not explained myself well, because you are explaining a different situation from the one I intended to hypothesize.
When the plane makes an emergency landing, the Player is flying to his side and follows him to see if he can land and where, so he can return for rescue.
The problem is that the plane disappears after 30 seconds and therefore it is no longer possible to find it, unless you place another similar plane at the exact point of its landing.
So the location is known, but it becomes unknown, when the plane disappears and it is not possible to have a signal of the exact point where it must be found ...

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I do not want to sound to pessimistic but I think the type of mission you want to do is not feasible. 

If there was a fake object that we can put on the trajectory of the plane that is flying. Logically the plane will hit it after a time depending on the distance between the object and the plane. This will create a damage on the plane. Can be catastrophic and explode the plane or cut a wing away or other, but testing the relative positions we may have a manageable damage.

Unfortunately the Y axis is locked for objects except planes. 


I am regularly asking the Devs to free the Y axis. But they refuse. They have put a life sentence on it and so it is locked in perpetuity.😇






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closest approximation i think is possible:


- have the ai fly over a large wooded area.

- Experimient with command damage to get him to crash in the woods.

- use subtitles to simulate a radio conversation where the pilot going down says "pick me up at north side of woods" or simular

- after the crash, and a a time delay use a complex trigger to activate a signal fire at the pick up point when you fly over.

- use a complex trigger to do the pick up.


this separates the landing from the pickup, making things much easier.


Note: using command damage set to complete often causes the pilot to parachute out. im not sure if it is 100% consistant. i suggest testing this and if so possibly adjusting your story to suit. Command damage does work on planes, read the manual. im not sure if partial damage can cause a engine failure.






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Hi, try the following:


Damage the plane to a level where it is

- still alive

- no longer flyable

- (randomized timers to have a random flight time)

Make the plane invulnerable directly afterwards

Cover the area with a complex trigger fireing up when the plane is stationary and alive


The plane should 'land' (or better crash) somewhere, but still be alive.
So it won't disappear and the 'search and rescue' could start




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Posted (edited)

this worked in ROF, not really sure if it works in BoX


set you plane to land,  but have a row of trucks, or something laid out so you can see the exact spot the plane will touch down.

now put a complex trigger or checkzone down, making it a sphere, not cone of about 30m, and set it to "on entered" for the plane to a "force complete" right before the spot the plane will touch down.


If it works, the plane will come in for the landing, but right before it touches down it will get the force complete, but will still complete the landing, and sit on the runway with the engine running.


We did not have taxi points in ROF.  But am wondering if you put taxi points on the airfield, and put that force complete somewhere in line with the taxi path if it will do the same thing.....,

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