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30th Fighter Squadron series ( with tanks included )

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 This video was updated to same audio and effect quality as the upcoming Episode III will be, when released now in April. Audio engineering was done by Raptorattacker, this astonishing multitalent, who's the go-to guy on this forum.


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Here we go, with a little help from my friends; Episode III "The Tiger".


This Episode III with human voices and acting, was put together by a team from multiple countries and their performance is just stunning and unique within IL-2 video scene.


The Team (in order of appearence):




Thanks go to;


E69_julian57 (all tank skins)
Jade_Monkey (JU-88 skin)
LeLv30_Raptorattacker; all audio engineering and P-47 modifications i.e trying to fix my original s**** skin
rowdyb00t (cloud mod)
meplanes (flames and explosions mod)
LeLv30_Allu and LeLv30_Apina (stunt pilots)


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5 hours ago, tribal50 said:

The best il2 based videos I’ve ever seen!

Thank you very much, there is lot's of great stuff out there but I have to say this series is unique, now with human actors and all. 😉

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