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Tid bits and interesting discoveries about Career mode

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As someone who has been going through a Jug Campaign of the 494th FS there is a few interesting things I would like to share with people and possibly some tricks to do what you want, when you want.


First of all and this is just something I have observed while playing. Seems ground attack missions rely solely on your performance rather then the flight as a whole which is slightly odd since if you do everything right and never get shot down you don't have the ability to turn the tied of war (which makes sense) yet if you get damaged or pounced on, forced to drop your bombs but your allies still have bombs, I have personally not seen it where the AI completes the mission for you...or if it does happen it doesn't happen very often.


My main intrigue is what I discovered while flying a mission. The mission itself was a simple Airfield attack. Now I've tried different ways that give different levels of success, the P-47 requires altitude to perform well but with carrying the bomb racks and ordinance at 1,500m  all the time it doesn't give you a whole lot of chances to go fighter hunting. What I'd *like* to do is to be able to cut my flight up into squadrons so, for example, if I have 8 planes on a mission to bomb a Train Station it would be nice to be able to order the 4 planes without bombs and rockets separately from the ones with them, otherwise either you order your flight to attack ground targets, meaning the ones without bombs try to strafe AAA ect and will get damaged or worse shot down as well as giving up their altitude advantage OR you order the whole flight to attack Air targets and suddenly you have 4 planes with MAX BOMBLOAD trying to out perform BF-109 G14s and 190 A8s which of course doesn't go well...


What I've found best to do is this: Load everyone up with 3 500Ib or the 2 1000s and 1 500Ib bomb load because due to the way the P-47 works theirs no point only taking 1 bomb despite 1 bomb being enough to complete the mission assuming you drop it on target as you still need to take the Racks which add weight anyway and can't be discarded. The AI is able to get rid of it's bombs rather quickly over the AO so give it maybe 60-120s after you reach your target and "This is "X" Go and look for ground targets on your own." has been called out over the radio. Then once it says "Mission complete" you and your flight are basically free to do whatever you want as long as your fuel holds up just make sure to do the "Do as I do" command and the "Formation" commands so they don't keep flying around the AO. This is how if you have a plane type that doesn't get a lot of "Free Flights" or "Free Hunts" unlike Germans planes do this is how you can do it.



And this is where things get interesting. I found out rather quickly that (I assume to save memory and performance of PCs) not all the map is actually fleshed out with units...in the area around your mission there are planes, AAA and troop movements but if you get far enough out there are none. 


The whole reason I did this was because, I am an avid Me 262 pilot and having an ongoing career in KG 51 in the North I knew where the 262s were based and the best way to catch a 262 is when its not moving at all. Doing some quick reading and some google maps, I worked out on a combat load of fuel the P-47 would have enough fuel providing I was careful to reach the Rhiene airfield (Where KG 51's 262s are based) and also go over to the AF next to it where Kommando Nowotny's 262s were also stationed...now this was somewhat of a risk because not only (in my mind) would I have to deal with AAA of the 2 bases but Kommando Nowotny was guarded by the only currently operational FW-190 D9 squadron on the map at this time (its very early in the campaign for me as you can tell, its still Autumn) which even tho I had 8 P-47s at my side, I know what it can do...it still scared me


However, sadly it turns out that not only was AAA not present at the airfield, but that the stationary aircraft that are used for "Parked Aircraft" don't reflect the aircraft actually at the airfields...they were normal Bf 109s and Ju 52s


On a side note though, if your looking to rack up those targets destoyed go and do it by all means...there is basically no opposition if you get far enough out.


I know *why* they probably do all this, saves time, don't have to model all these new/unqiue low poly map object aircraft,  less processing power needed ect. But even if it was a small (maybe $20-$30) DLC that allowed for more assets similar to the DCS WW2 Assets I think it would make a cool addition. I get the limitations on not having AAA literally all over the damn place for each individual airfield but I feel it would be a really cool idea to be able to visually see what aircraft are stationed where. So some places will have A8s, others G14s, others Ju 87s and other places like Rhiene would have 262s and D9s.


This post was just to say a few tid bits about Career mode for people who might not know and couldn't be bothered to fly a 1 hour and 11min mission and to add a few suggestions for example with the assets and the changes to the Flight leader order system.


The Airfield shown bellow is Kommando Nowotny's 




German Airfields.jpg


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