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'Media Stop' not working as intended (MP)

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Hi there

I've located a bug on stopping media (mp3)


Created a small test mission
Map used: Lapino winter


Actions after mission start:


Delay 2 minutes


      - Subtitle indicating timer (play) was fired

      - Media Play (mp3 file, sound 20 seconds)

      - Timer (3 second delay) -> Media Stop

                                                -> Subtitle indicating timer (stop) was fired

      - Timer (25 second delay) -> TIMER (so repeating loop)


Subtitle 'play' shows up,

Media is played,

Subtitle 'stop' shows up,

Media stops during output after 3 seconds

Next loop starts after 25 seconds.


Same group copied into my real mission (containing much more things)

Map used: Rheinland autumn


Subtitle 'play' shows up,

Media starts playing

Subtitle 'stop' shows up,

Media continues playing (Bug)

Next loop


Subtitle shows the 'play' timer was fired

Media is NOT playing

After 3 seconds subtitle shows the 'stop' timer was fired






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Ok, testing continued,

same conditions for every test.


Using my computer to play with my usual settings (maximum graphics)

Using my computer as a dserver (second account)

Using the '.Mission' File (uncompressed)

And I know that I can host the full mission with more players than only me without problems (except audio problems)


Imported my MP3-Testgroup into a plain Rheinland map

-> Working as intended

Importing all Basic Templates (Cities, Bridges, Airfields)

-> Working as intended


Tick Delay was 0, SPS was 50


Importing to my 'real' mission (SPS 50, Tick Delay 5.6)

-> NOT working


Deleting some parts of my mission using more recources (SPS 50, Tick delay 1.1)

-> NOT working


Deleting more parts of my mission using recources (SPS 50, Tick Delay 0.2)

-> NOT working


Deleting all RRR Vehicles (SPS 50, Tick Delay 0.1)

-> NOT working


Deleted the plane used to test same mission in SP mode, too (SPS 50, Tick delay 0.1)



Used the full mission with all feature

and deleted just the plane used to test it in SP mode (SPS 50, Tick delay 5.6)



So it seems if there are ANY items with AI set to 'PLAYER' the media is not stopped...











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