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Flight School Campaigns (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)

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This is insanely useful for those of us starting out.  I did a Career, died on mission 7 (awoke from unconsciousness with 2 seconds, just enough time to scream before slamming into ground at 450kph haha) .  But that amazing experience of taking off and landing 6 times in "combat"  conditions got me HOOKED.  I had bookmarked these and now ready to branch out, do more diverse careers than a yak-7, scripted campaigns, and maybe even drop a bomb!  I cant thank you enough, and shout-out to Requiem for his vids, discord, and patreon. 


IL-2 community rules, cannot wait to slam into the ground at450kph screaming in terror in a 109 G-4!  haha



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thanks to utopioneer for this great work 👍

yesterday i wanted to start my first lesson on a G-6. It seemed to work. Also flying was no problem. But i couldn´t receive anny messages, instruction or a description before flight. Could just read who the german translater was. I guess this isn´t right?


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Thank you for these campaigns!! 
One thing that would be helpful is more "per plane" tips in the mission briefing. E.g. for Yak, stay below 3k for dogfight... Chucks guide recommended settings... etc.

Also would love some more detailed explanation of landing approach and formation flying with tips on adjusting speed, e.g. side slipping, micro adjust throttle (stating that effect on speed will be on a delay), etc.

I am a newbie so wouldn't be the best at this, but if someone could write this content it would be great! Condense some forum wisdom into the campaign itself.

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Any idea why i can not start any of these?

Not as campaign and not as missions.

When i click on "start mission" it simply jumps back to mission selection.

Same when i want to start the Flight School as a campaign.



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