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Bloody skies of Kuban (2 single player missions)

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Bloody skies of Kuban

(2 single player missions for Battle of Kuban, with regular planes)

“Bloody skies of Kuban” is my first public work in IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, after a dozen of years of experience, since the publication of “Kuban Campaign 1943”, in IL-2 Sturmovik 46 original. So, now I ask you a little patience if something will not be perfect, even if the missions have been meticulously debugged. I immediately realized that creating missions in IL-2 GB was a much more difficult thing than in IL-2 46, even if it is very immersive and offers potentially infinite solutions ...
It is a pair of “mirror missions”, in the sense that the same scenario, except for minor adaptations, is used both from the side of the Luftwaffe (GER) and VVS (USSR), so the player can appreciate and evaluate the tactic situation from the point of view of both the warring sides.
In the first case the player sits in the cockpit of a Ju-87 D3, in the second he is into a Yak-7 B-36.
The scenario sees the Soviet counter-offensive in February 1943 and focuses on a local ground clash near Sementsovskaya, where the German garrison is attacked by Soviet ground forces.
Of course, with the Stuka, starting from Krasnodar 1, you will have to attack these units and it will be necessary to reload the bombs in the nearby base of Krimskaya, in turn under soviet air attack. With the Yak, vice versa, taking-off from Gelendzhik, you will have to defend the troops of the Red Army, shot down some Stukas and then return unharmed to the base.
Each mission has different objectives, both primary and secondary.
To complete the mission you must achieve the primary objective (land) and at least one of the secondary objectives, indicated in the briefing.
From a temporal point of view, the mission always ends with the landing and parking of the aircraft in the appropriate area.


⦁    You are the flight-leader
⦁    You must know the territory and have experience in Visual Flight, because the missions are not equipped with aids on the map (waypoints, path, distances etc.)
⦁    So the flight plan is at your discretion, always being aware of your position on the map
⦁    As a result of the above, you will have to know the orders to be given to your wingmen who, otherwise, will not know what to do. So formation, attack, cover, gunning, patrolling or returning to base will be some of your recurring orders
⦁    Keep the HUD active, because important communications (routes, targets, threats etc.) they will be provided to you via radio (with subtitles)
⦁    The Luftwaffe mission includes start from parking and taxi to take off. In this regard the player is advised to enter in the runway mantaining the right side, waiting for the wingmen alongside a row of four yellow signals, placed at the righit edge of the runway. Then proceed to take off at will
⦁    Furthermore, to complete the objective, it will be necessary to reload bombs after the first attack (using the recent updated Rearm/Refuel/Repair feature), for this you will have to reach the nearby Krimskaya base and take the aircraft to the Service Area, located near the pair of hangars in the northern perimeter of the base, where a service-truck is holding. Then you will have to take off again, complete the attack and finally land a second time in Krimskaya
⦁    For the final objective (parking) you’ll receive indication via radio after landing.  However, you will always have to park near the maintenance truck, which you can recognize as it is the only active vehicle in the parking area.
⦁    ATTENTION: When you launch the mission, with the START button, be ready to remove the pause as soon as it occours (by default pressing the "P" key). Otherwise the synchronism between audio and images will disappear and the short introduction will not work well. This, however, does not affect the outcome of the mission itself.





Unzip the file.
You will find the following files.
“Bloody skies of Kuban GER” (9 files with different extension)
“Bloody skies of Kuban USSR” (9 files with different extension)
Nr. 14 files jpg
Nr. 4 files mp3
This file (Readme) with "doc" and "rft" extension.

Create a folder named “Kuban Stebas” under Missions so to have this path:
“Battle of Stalingrad\data\Missions\Kuban Stebas”
Copy there all the files and this is all.
Launch IL-2 Sturmovik and you have now both the missions ready to be played.

Have fun !




Bloody skies of Kuban.zip

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Will try this out, thanks for upload!

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Just tried out the Stuka mission and I like it.

Keep up the good work and thank you  for sharing.


To bad that the gunners wont get rearmed atm

(not your fault we have to wait for that the devs add it).

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Thank Corvus !

Yes, It was unfortunate that the machine guns of the Ju-87, if reloaded, after the stop in the Service Area no longer work.
It is one of the many bugs of the Refuel, Rearm and Repair function, which we hope, will be resolved as soon as possible ...

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