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Tuskegee Airmen Pilot Model - Black History Month

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Since it is February now, everyone knows it's Black History Month. In commemoration of Lollipoop II and the pilot that flew it, I think it would be neat to see an actual pilot model of 1st Lt. Spurgeon Ellington in the P-51. Seeing a white guy in the cockpit doesnt seem right in Lollipoop. It would be awesome to see and to honor these guys for the barriers they broke.


Just change the skin color and add that mustache quickly.



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Col. Fred Cherry (USAF, POW)

Lt. Jesse Brown (USN?)

Gen. Frank Petersen (USMC) 


Would all be good ones to look into (for international Il-2-fans; probably translated into several languages by now) for BHM. 


Also, I'll second the need for a green/blue/pink/whatever pilot skin based on Spurgeon Ellington as long as it has that mustache...

Hehehe...pretty smooth; Clark Gable would be jealous of that stache!

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