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P47 Throttle Quadrant project.


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Water jet would give a really nice finish. But not practical for a home machine. And you are limited to cutting flat things then. Cant really engrave with water jet. 

And I have parts to mill as well. 


Also the making and designing is part of the fun for me. It may take longer but I enjoy doing it. I am also picking up loads of new skills along the way. And its just more satisfying to do it all yourself. 


And would not solve the problem of making bending jigs to get the precise bends. And they need to be fairly precise for this thing to work. 


If somebody wanted 100 of then then I would be subbing it out to water jet or laser cut. And having real cnc mills make the parts. 


But this is way to obscure for that. Should have done the spitfire one if I wanted to do that.  


And then I do not have the time to sort a commercial project like that. If you want to do that do it before kids. And before you have lots of bills like a mortgage so you can work less hours in a normal job and have more to set up the project.  


Sorry, want on a bit of a ramble there. 


Ahh pictures.  


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Best way to do sheetmetal parts is to use a test piece.Bend it then measure it and if its out change the fold lines..If you had a 3D printed you can design and make up bending jigs to suit that you can put in a vice and hammer over.

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Very, very nice, dude! I'm envious of your CNC. 😅


Keep an eye out for a post from me in the next few weeks about my quadrant project. (All manual machining except the 3D printed housing. 😜

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So got the jig all made. But only got one successful engrave.


First one the computer wobbled and messed it up. 

Second I messed up do stupidly when it had finished. 

Third didn't noticed the cutter had chipped. 


So after all that I will be starting this part again. 


First when I cut it out will superglue it to a steel plate. Then use the slot clearing routine to rough them out and do finishing pass at full depth just taking a whisker. The glue should mean I can cut out completely without tabs. Which always cause the cutter to leave marks as the cut is not consistent.


Then the v bit for carving I'm changing to one with a 0.3mm round on the end. 

Was having troubble with it chipping being such a narrow v as only 30 degrees and was a sharp point one. So the round won't matter for this lettering and will make it a lot more resistant to chipping. 

Also it was plunging with it way to fast. And will slow the feed down. 


Learning from mistakes. But will make future parts less likely to fail. 


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