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Hi my name is Bob and this is my friend, Bob.

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On 1/25/2020 at 5:33 AM, raaaid said:

this is still a nice planet but for how long?


In my area bobcat populations are ok apparently. But we also have many birds of prey (bald eagles, various hawks) and coyotes that probably take a toll on young bob-kittens. We don't have wolves here so coyote populations get crazy... We should probably shoot some coyotes here to increase the population of other animals like deer and bobcats. 

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We got a lot of them in Norway. And have licensed hunting some part of the year to keep numbers down. 
Being a hunter myself I never agreeing on the need to keep numbers low, and have never even thiught about shooting one. 
A mate got regular visits by them on his cabin on daylight, witch is rare. 
lovely animals

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I live on a farm. But all the territory next to us is the foothills of the cascade mountain range. 


All our farm animals are free-range. We just accept that there are going to be causalities with the smaller animals like chickens. You'd think they would get massacred with so many raccoons, coyotes and birds of prey out here. But I think that having 80 heads of cattle roaming around thwarts off many predators. Small predators want nothing to do with giant cows :) .


On the topic of coyote population and my leaning towards killing some... consider that we used to have larger predators in the area, but now we don't. So the coyote goes on not being challenged really. We have Black Bear and occasional Cougar. But the Wolves are what used to keep coyote populations in check. Wolves often time will kill coyotes on contact with them - regardless if they're hungry or not. 

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If a predator get successful because of livestock and bread more cubs because of that. 
A regulation in form of hunting is needed. 
when wolf came back to a place they have been absent from. What normally happens is everything improves. Sick elk and deer get hunted down, trees grow taller and older.  They even credit river being healthier after wolfs are reintroduced. 
All part of nature got its place

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