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My first skin - Panther "Clouseau" variant

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Wouldn't that be funny.


"Clouseau", for the youngsters out there, refers to the wonderful Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers.  


I've never done a skin before and the "pink panther" meme was too tempting.  There weren't any templates available so I was happy it worked.  Kudos to the folks who made the gtp unlocker and a Photoshop Elements plugin to read & write *.dds files.  

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On 1/24/2020 at 11:04 PM, SCG_DarthTater said:




Great skin - btw. using pink colour isn't completely wrong, especially in the desert. British long range recon patrol painted their vehicles in a pale pink colour

to be less visible in the desert with its light sources.

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