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Multicrew question(s)

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Over the weekend I loaded up a multiplayer match and spawned into a T-34 ready to join the fight. While getting setup I couldn’t get access to my gunner position. I thought this a bug so re-spawned.


After re-spawning, a player complained on chat that every time he joined a tank it re-spawned. After I realized what had happened I apologized and invited him to join in again. I don’t mind that he jumped abroad my T-34 (his funeral) and I had lots of fun. We got 4 kills with him gunning and we absorbed dozens of shells before having to book it back behind lines with only the driver and radio operator still alive….yadda, yadda, yadda, good fun.


My question is, how the hell do we know that someone has joined our tank other than not being able to access a particular position in the crew?


Follow-up question, is there a way to restrict others from jumping on board if you want some solo time online? (Again, don’t mind this past instance, I just wasn’t prepared for it.)




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