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Two strange situations

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1) While I was developing a mission with the BoS Editor, suddenly, some messages (subtitles) that I had entered and already tested, no longer appeared.
I often use this option not only to inform the player of some situations relevant for the mission (as if they were radio messages), but also during the debugging phase, to understand if the program performs certain logical steps.
You can imagine that I went crazy, thinking that I had introduced changes that conflict with some actions that previously developed correctly.
Well, it took me a long time to understand what had happened!
The text inside the various MCUS Subtitles was gone, simply deleted (certainly not by me, at least not intentionally ...).
So I ask if anyone has already experienced such an inconvenience.
2) Another completely different thing. I'm trying the Repair, Refuel and Rearm, a recent really very interesting update, which opens new horizons for missions, especially of ground attack type. With my Stuka I went to the service area, I turned off the engine. Automatically the plane repaired and I reloaded with bombs and bullets (the key I programmed for the Rearm is "y").
However, while with bombs I have no release problem, the machine guns (I am talking about the front ones, not the gunner's MG) as they are reloaded with 2000 shots, do not work.
Indeed, I have not tried if this also happens with other planes, in particular with fighters.
Is it one of the bugs in the RRR option (I knew that the gunners cannot be rearmed, but not the main guns…) or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for your attention, Stebas.

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Re. situation 1:

  • Are you creating a single-player mission?
  • Are you creating the mission in one language?
  • Do you have any earlier versions of the mission? If so, check for the subtitle content in the language files (.eng, .ger, etc.).

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Thank Jim, you are always ready to make immediately your knowledge available to others !
So... 1) Yes it's a single player off line mission.
2-3) I have never used the language options. I construct my missions without changing some of the BoS Editor's deafault options (I believe in english). So I can't answer your doubt.

But mine was just a curiosity to understand if others had had my problem. I solved it just by copying the subtitles text from one of the previous versions. In fact, luckily I have the habit of saving every change in a new version, so if something is wrong, I simply go back to the previous version and try to understand which change caused the problem ...

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