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some minor adjustments please

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Not really fixes but improvements:


An Arras summer map with no soggy ground.

The soggy ground prevents mission builders from adding airfields on level ground. It also prevents missions that require planes to land in open country behind enemy lines. An Arras summer map with no soggy ground gives mission designers the option to use it or not.





Airfields missing from the Arras map:

Bailleul  0105.3
Lomme Lille 0207.1
La Gorgue 0305.8
Hesdigneul 0404.5
Faucaucourt en Santerre  1206.4

Warfusee       1204.9

Without these fields The norther half of the map is very limited which is why you do not see it being used for MP missions. Arras is a beautiful map but only half of it is able to be used.



Airfield under attack feature: This may work for WW II and arcade style missions but does not work for WW I  Expert missions.  The graphic destroys the fog of war and because the airfields are closer it does not give useful information.  The diameter or range of this feature needs to be added to the airfield properties box so it can be used, not used or adjusted by the mission creator.

attack feature.jpg


Balloons: Adjust properties so that Balloons can flare.


Influence area:   Should show on in game GUI map as a colored area as in RoF. Would be nice to see nationality symbol as well.


Color Coalition objects in ME for Entente and Central  just like Allied and Axis objects are.  Blue for Entente and Red for Central.

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