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Photo recon and points

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S! All 


I posted this in the suggestions forum but probably should have posted here first to get feed back on whether people  that build missions think that this might actually work.



Type of improvement:      New MCU that allows Photo Recon Mission in single play and Multi play.





First object is an invisible  region. Object is listed as "Recon Target" in ME


Name- Drop down Box   ex:    Mission 1      Mission 2     Mission 3   Mission 4    Mission 5      Mission 6

Enabled:   check box

Sphere of Cylinder   check box

Country:    ex  Germany WW I

Radius:    1 - 10000 m

Number of pictures:  1-20

Delay between pictures:  1-20 sec.


Mission object menu: On photos complete.     So you can select subtitles or other MCU. 


When plane enters object area a photo available light comes on in bomb sight. Click the photo available button. The light goes out for the time specified in the settings. Take next photo when light comes on again. If light does not come on, you have left the area.

When pictures are done  it changes the camera or plane to a photo complete status for this mission name  "Mission 1"  or whatever was selected..  If it knows when you are out of ammo it can know you have completed photos. A reverse bomb load counter.



Second object is an invisible region. Object is listed as "Recon landing zone" in ME



Name- In ME creator must Select same name from drop down box ex:   Mission 1      Mission 2     Mission 3   Mission 4    Mission 5      Mission 6

Enabled:   check box   

Sphere of Cylinder   check box

Country:    ex:  Germany WW I

Radius:    1 - 10000 m

Photo complete status on plane for mission with this object name  is needed for completion of mission

Plane lands with acceptable % of damage :  1-50   More than 50% damage is a bit much for a successful mission.



Mission object menu: On Mission complete.     So you can select subtitles or other MCU. 




This is just a specific use of the complex trigger logic tied into the bomb sight graphics. The trick is to get the bomb sight graphic photo available button to light up in just the plane in the photo area. It should not be that hard. You need just three simultaneous conditions. The plane must be the correct coalition, have the camera load out and be in the area. If these conditions are met your "Photo Available" button lights up. All the usual complex trigger logic is hardwired in. It monitors object entered, object left, object made photo, object completed photos. object lands.



First object does not go away after photos complete unless deactivated by MCU. This allows another plane with camera load out to take pictures. Name of plane does not matter. Country and camera load out do mater. Since photo complete status is needed to complete mission any plane with a camera load out will not complete mission unless it has taken pictures. If you have photos available you should be able to do more than one mission. Photo complete status is stored by mission name. Camera or plane should be able to store more than one photo complete status. As many status locations as potential missions. Our example above was Mission 1 - Mission 6.


If this is tied to a player plane with the camera The game should be able to assign points to that player.


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