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3000$ worth of il-2 copies giveaway

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On 1/17/2020 at 2:10 PM, The-Doctor said:

Thanks . You don’t have to re enter your name


I know that "FREE" is a word that has the magic power to lower the perception of those who read/listen it but please, try to read @The-Doctor updated post before he is swarmed with multiple requests by the same people :salute:

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Jaw-dropping generosity here, Doc - thanks for the gesture & the investment!


Lots of comments in here about this being a unique community - agreed, and aren't we all glad?!  Just seeing these giveaways encourages me & I'll bet that goes for most of us.


So here's a challenge:  if you're in other 'communities' out there that could use more of this sort of thing, be "that guy" who stepped out first & DID IT.  Even if you have to skip a few meals or drinks to pay for it, you won't regret it.  😊


Congrats to the lucky January winners!

Cheers & good luck to everybody else!!!

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