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Software sound filtering in Windows to overcome wire hiss nausea

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I hope there is someone with sound processing experience here who can help me.

Last Fall updates introduced wire hissing sound to open cockpit biplanes -  not unlike air escaping pierced tire, getting more intense the more wires plane has. Unfortunately, I am oversensitive to it and it causes headache, nausea, irritation, problems concentrating etc. I have verified (by switching between planes with heavy wire bracing and planes with self-braced wings and back) that the problem comes and goes with constant hiss. It prevents me from flying some of my most favourite WW1 planes; there is no pleasure in it and no point to do it.

I'd love to get an option to turn it off in game from devs but it seems most people are not sensitive to it, so it's unlikely to get implemented. So I'm looking for ways to eliminate the sound on my end. I have no experience with mixing or filtering sounds, and seek to eliminate the hisses while leaving other sounds unaffected. Can this be done with basic Windows 7 equaliser, and how? Are you familiar with better programs that would stay in background and let me filter  unwanted frequencies? Any ideas which frequencies to look at? I know that it's possible to make two sounds cancel each other and it's used in active noice cancelling  (waves of correcting sound are negatives of sound you want to cancel so they add to 0) - is it plausible to extract the hissing sound from the game, make its negative and just play it in a loop via winamp? Or are there simpler solutions?

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