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[MOD] Hangarscene Eyecandy

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VR-only Hangarscene Eyecandy Mod


! This Mod is only meant for VR !

While in the normal version of the game the camera circles around the plane, in the VR version the camera is fixed. Using this mod in the normal version will make your camera  move through the wings and fuselage of your plane . . .      you do not want this!


No change in FPS and the Mod shouldn’t interfere with any other Mod.

Finalized for JGSME, just drop both folders into the "_MOD" folder in your main game folder and activate it through JGSME.

This Mod actually consists of two parts:

The first part changes the look of the default floor in the hangar scene when the game starts and also some parts of the surrounding.

I put two alternative textures for “detail1.dds”  in the folder “extras”: …../data/graphics/scene/mainscene/textures/extras that I called “detail1 RUS Version.dds” and “detail1 US Version.dds”

The only difference to the active detail1.dds is the poster that you can see on a pillar. But since the pillar is right behind you to your left you will probably never notice it . . .   Backup/rename the original one before renaming one of these to detail1.dds.

            You can just delete the folder “extras” if you don’t want to switch . .  .


The second part changes where you (the camera) are positioned in the hangar, by moving you much closer to your plane . . . so that you can admire the quality of the skin and the amazing detail of the model.  😉

The possibilities here are quite limited. Every plane or vehicle has a .txt file that includes the following:


// angle - grad height – meters

angle=11.7       This is the angle of the planes axis in relation to the floor

height=2.35     The height in meter/cm – you  can lower a plane one cm to make it look heavier. I did this for the big planes . . .

dist=9.5      Viewers distance to the center of the plane. The most important parameter.

x_center_shift=0.3       The center of the plane is fixed, but you can move the plane itself forward (adding) or backwards (substracting). So, changing 0.3 to -1.7 moves the plane 2 meters forward

z_center_shift=-0.7       moves the plane itself to the left or right. (Looks kind of weird, use with caution)

scene_type=0      No idea what this is . . .


Thanks to this great community!

And thank you for this amazing game


the little Guardian


The mod contains all the planes and tanks I have, so there can be one or two that are missing.


New floor:


Change in Camera position:


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Looks fantastic, can't wait to try it when I get home from work! 


Seeing this mod brings up a question for me: do you think it would be possible to alter the scene of the hangar scene to something a little more WW1-esque? (Maybe the interior of a tent hangar, or the "museum" scene from Rise of Flight?). As beautifully done as the current hangar is, as primarily a FC pilot I find that the very Russian WW2 looking hangar kills some of the immersion.

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Honestly, I don't know if it is possible since it would require a complete rebuilt of the 3D surrounding . . .  which I couldn't do anyway.


I'm not very good with 3D Max, but since I haven't seen 3D files so far (at least none that I'm familiar with), I would expect these files to be blocked or encrypted.






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