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The latest career update on our hero Requiem

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I appreciate the well wishes very much! Cheers everyone, it's definitely going to be a different experience in the left seat but I'm looking forward to it.


Apparently it's a good gig as I'm told you get to fly with your favourite Captain every trip!


YouTube wise the vids will continue in 2020 once I'm finished with upgrade training 😊

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Congratulations! Are you staying east of the Mississippi as someone mentioned? In that case, if you fly across the "pond" (Atlantic ocean) we may have to keep our heads down when you make those low passes you show us in some of your vids!

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I'm out of "reactions" for a bit, but thanks again everyone for sticking your head in and posting. I'm already prepping myself for Minnesota weather by shoving my head in the freezer for 30 mins a day!

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Congratulations from another airliner Buddy. I know what those trainings and type ratings mean, lot of stress and endless study time.

I wish you good luck and always happy landings. I just landed in cold Beijing, all best wishes from here.


By the way, thank you for all your nice and helpful Videos about IL-2.


Best regards and Happy new Year,



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