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Pacific Sampler Idea

Il-2 Great Battles Pacific Sampler Idea.  

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  1. 1. Do you think a very small and simple Pacific expansion with only two planes and a small map is a good idea?

    • Yes - I would like something like this. Something is better then nothing.
    • Yes - But I only if it had a little more content.
    • No - This would be a waste of time and resources and would complicate sales.
    • No - I'd only purchase a full module.

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Since anything based in the PTO in Il-2GB is at best probably years away and at worst not possible, I wanted to know what people thought of my little idea.


It would be a very small and very simple PTO expansion.


It would only have two flyable planes. The F4F Wildcat and the A6M Zero (depicting early war versions).




The included Pacific map would be very small. About the size of the Lapino map we currently have. It could depict either fictitious Pacific islands with convenient airfields on either end. 

Or it could maybe depict a small sliver of a real island, simply making sure an airfield for each side would be on each side of the map for missions and multiplayer.




This would allow for a Pacific map without needing aircraft carriers. 


As for land or sea vehicles it could perhaps only be a set of one or two vehicles and/or ships for each side. Just to have something to shoot at us from the ground and to shoot at.




This could be something simple to develop along side a full module in development like Flying Circus was. And my thinking is it would be better then nothing.


And if there ever was a full PTO module, it could use different versions of the Wildcat and Zero and sell them separately (think Bf109G-6 and Bf-109G-6 (Late)).


Would you like something like this since something is better then nothing, or are you not this desperate yet and want it done properly?






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I *would* buy aircraft that are out of context like the Zero etc as collector aircraft.


I can easily suspend my sense of authenticity by flying over an existing map.


I'll let the devs decide what us best though ;)

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This was done for Il-2 1946... it is exciting but there wasn't enough depth to really give it any gameplay depth. It was little more than a dogfight map and stole some of the 'thunder' from the full release. The actual release of Pacific Fighters tried to accomplish too much... covering multiple theatres... and too much was left incomplete. Of course, there was a lawsuit (unethical in my opinion) that robbed the developer of some of their funding and crippled Pacific Fighters... but I still have this sense that the BoX approach of medium sized more focused releases is the better way.


Hopefully BoN will allow them to expand their ship modelling (as they did in Kuban) and implement some of the technology required. Maybe even some expanded radio navigation equipment? I think it is too much to hope for Swordfish and a British Carrier as a mini-expansion to establish some of the tech... but hopefully they'll move towards making the Pacific feasible someday.

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I got so such value out of the A6M5 and fictitious Pacific Islands map in the Aces Expansion Pack for the old Il-2.  I'm certain that a similar mini-addon would equally as much fun for us now.

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I want carrier operations.  Starting with just 2 simple aircraft would be fine.

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