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TIGER H1 ( WWII Panzer )

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2 hours ago, Tomi_099 said:

Yes Please ! .. the download link ..SIR  :good:

Excellent! :drinks:


All the good interesting bits are from your initial skin. I blended these with one of mine and then did a bit of post processing and tweaking to pull it all together. I am still looking at colour changes and maybe a historical version without zimmerit but nothing noteworthy so far. Oh.. and no mods required for this one.









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F13 Flowbee default skin.

This Skin are modified by Flowbee for easy installation.
Thanks Flowbee .




F13 b.jpg







Install path:

C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\_pzvi-h1






F13 a.jpg








F13 c.jpg










F13 e.jpg








F13 d.jpg










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  • 4 weeks later...

                                                 -- F13 Gruppe Fahrmann  --

                                                                                                                   Last hours


Is on the way ... soon :good:


2020-10-28 00_36_52-Window.jpg




















































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                                                              TIGER  KURSK


Today I am working on the Kursk Tiger (20.1.21)

Tiger Kursk 2.jpg







Finding process (21.01.21 ) :russian_ru:

Find Color range


Tiger Kursk11 (2).jpg






Find it :yahoo:






1.mp4 ‎- Fotos.jpg












Tiger Kursk 3.jpg
























Tiger Kursk 4.jpg

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1 hour ago, junkman said:

Very well done, I enjoy your tanks and it makes the game better.


I agree completely. You continue to create some incredible skins. We just need to have you and Tigre88 work together to include your tank and crew skins in his Tiger tank campaigns. Thanks for another beautiful skin.



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