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Attack Arrows

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I'm trying, (unsuccessfully so far) at adding "Attack Arrows" to my mission map to show where the enemy is attacking from and toward.

I've looked through both ME manuals and scoured the posts and YouTube but cannot find how to make those big arrows like you see on maps that show troop movements.

I found something in a thread called "How to add a front line and other things to the map" by WWSittingDuck who had made some examples that could be opened and studied.  However the links are broken.

I also found a post by Sim in "Attack arrows on GUI map" where he said "The trick was to use 5 connected attack icons."  
I tried that using Translator Icons with Enabled checked, Icon ID: None, Line Type: Attack and Coalitions set for

(don't know how to change the Coalitions settings  if it makes a difference)

I connected the icons from back to front thinking that would make the arrow point in the right direction.  
What shows on the map is an odd looking 'X' shape, wide and fading on one end and two pointing away from each other narrow spikes on the other.

What am I dong wrong?

Is this explained in either manual and if so where, as I couldn't find it.


Thanks for any and all help.


P.S. Any news on an updated Editor manual?  So many things have been added/changed (like MCU types) plus there are several mentions about items that 'will be explained in the next version'.

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Attached is a small file that contains a small arrow, and a large arrow group. You'll have to take a look at how they are set-up in order to determine size and direction. Can't recall were I found these, although I sure it was here on the forums. I also seem to remember a post about using arrows but can't for the life of me remember where it is. You can extract these to the template folder for importing into missions.


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See "Attack" on pg. 258 of the editor manual.


Sorry, the editor manual update is on ice for now. Real life stuff and all that. I continue to add change/addition comments to the manual based on ongoing forum posts. 



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No_85_Gramps, I think those are the Arrow Groups that are now dead links in the "How to add a front line and other things to the map"  post.



JimTM, Thank you for the reference.  Somehow while going through the manual I overlooked/bypassed that.  Now bookmarked for future reference.  (there is SO MUCH to learn and absorb).  Sorry to hear that updates are on ice but I understand Real Life.  After all this is only a computer game, you're not being paid to make the manual and I, along with many others, appreciate what you have been able to explain.  Hopefully you will have the time at some point to publish updates to the manual.

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