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This is a set of six missions for the U-2VS collector plane.


All the missions take place on the Lapino map, and of course they require that you own the U-2VS collector aircraft.


The missions are meant to be short, and should take less then 30 minutes to complete. I will continue to add more missions when I am able.


Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8eudqejl5b327jf/u2vs_mission_pack_1.1.zip?dl=0


Update 1.1

- Added two new missions (previously four missions total, now six missions total).


blitz_truck_vs_po2.thumb.jpg.5e9424c4ea7cb4e706e329cb92338139.jpg night_troop_camp.thumb.jpg.5c4af6bcb0d19eec891e573e8ea4a6ee.jpg


po2_night_raider.thumb.jpg.e964c832f17013c5ffa125c68a6b0dbc.jpg po2_vehicle_attack.thumb.jpg.c6954e9afa81f4bb3c94c13fea9dcdd7.jpg


gaz_group.thumb.jpg.784f0d108ec36733401d18197277dd18.jpg snowy_po2.thumb.jpg.6ccf2b2ce7dc2776bd53c285635fc8d7.jpg



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Just want to say many thanks for the missions they are bloody brilliant, i have never given that plane the time of day until now and i love it, i will be flying them again many times for sure and also looking forward to some more missions from you , FANTASTIC thanks ever so much for the hard work. JPC :good:

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Great! It was missed for me. Obligatory set for download it for me :). Thank You again and please think about campaign (Ju-52 or FC or Po-2) :D, I like Your missions (+1 for longer missions also for "Night witches" set).



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