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SU-122 full real aiming

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If you play full real with technical chat off - you need to switch from from gunsight view to gunner view and watch to gunsight scales:

1. HE rounds. It is left scale from 0 to 1250. 1 segment of this scale = 50 meters. Possible max range is 1250*50=62500m, but it not for SU-122, this sight used not only for this gun.

If you need to fire on 1000m use keys "Gunsight range adjustment" and set scale to "20". On 1500m to "30". On 750m to "15".



2. HEAT rounds. Max range 2000m.

It is third scale from left "ДГ третий" Use this table


where "тыс." this is mils - left scale, you can use it like with HE rounds. For example, by the table for 1000m it 47 thousandths set by left scale slightly less "50"

or you can use third scale cause then you change shell to HEAT sight pointer moved to right on scale "ДГ третий"

For 1000m by the table you must set by third scale to "22" - a bit more from "20"



3. Gunsight

I found only information about horizontal crosshare it have segments with 5 mils size. 20 mils to left and 20 mils to right in total. Vertical marks possible 2-2.5 and 3 mils. Don't know about triangle.



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1 hour ago, BP_Lizard said:

Is it possible to hit a moving target? 

Slow moving target🙃

Long time reload and slow velocity - not good idea fight with moving target. But i test - on 1000m HE round hit to the roof - and kill Tiger.

Use HE as a main, and HEAT for 0...500m distances against Tigers.

As for me - i prefer M4, more effective tank. 

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