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A Decade Later – 1st Post with Many Thanks! (and a community recommended reading list)

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This is why the flight sim community is the best in my eyes.


My favorite book would have to be unbroken. I love the beginning bits where you can experience life in a b-17. And the story of perseverance whilst the protagonist is locked away in a Japanese prison camp is one of a kind.




As for the giveaway, I've always had my eye on Bodenplatte but the funds have been hard to come by. My guess is 8 😄

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2 hours ago, [3./J88]PikAss said:

Battle of Moscow.

Saw your books above this post, I agree about the first 2 and now look forward to reading Lipfert's diary.


Please give me a # 1 - 20 for your BoM request : )

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I don’t know how useful books not in English can be useful to you, but I’ll write about those that at a serious level reveal the history of some air battles. I have some in electronic form. :)


Air Battles over the Baltic 1941: The Air War on 22 June 1941 - The Battle for Stalin's Baltic Region


Also, this author is coming up with fundamental work on the coloring and tactical designations of the Red Army Air Force in the summer of 1941. She also has to go out in English.


Воздушная битва за Москву. Сталинские соколы на защите столичного неба. 1941–1944




В. Раткин: Авиация в Сталинградской битве




Дмитрий Хазанов: Авиация в Курской битве. Провал операции "Цитадель"Подробнее: https://www.labirint.ru/books/407777/




Дмитрий Хазанов: Авиация в операции "Багратион"




Attack of the Airacobras (I have not read this book, because I did not find the Russian-language option. But I heard good reviews about her)



Also, if your community is interested in events on the Eastern Front, then you might say that all the books of the following historians are written at a modern level. Using historical material from both sides. Alexey Isaev, Valeriy Zamulin, Mosunov Vyacheslav, Dmitri Khazanov.


From your set, I do not have only No. 1. I understand that this is the most popular option, so I’ll try to limit my dreams. :) 


#5 :)

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Thanks for the shoutout, good luck to the participants, I want to stay out of the give away, I recommend: Masters of the Air, Samurai, and Günter Ralls "Flugbuch" (Logbook)

Seeing all this russian books I wish that those get translated to english at some point (maybe by AI if no human has the time/ressources for it)

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1 hour ago, FoxbatRU said:

From your set, I do not have only No. 1. I understand that this is the most popular option, so I’ll try to limit my dreams. :) 


Hi @FoxbatRU - No one has gotten Bodenplatte correct yet, so pick a # 1 - 20.  If no one has it by tomorrow evening, the first in with the closest # will get it.  Also, thanks for the reading recommendations, I agree with @DerSheriff that it would be great if there were more translations.


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What kinds words to all of those mentioned... I agree with everything you have said!




I picked it up when waiting at an airport and didn't know what to expect as I am not a lover of books. I read the whole thing within 2 days and was glued to it. There are times where you feel you are literally living the story with the downed airman. I was surprised with how much I loved it as there is only a small part where you experience the air war but the book revolves around how he tries to evade capture and escape from the SS, Wehrmacht and the Gestapo with the help of the French Resistance. It had me on the edge of my seat when reading and urge you all to read it.


I have all the keys I want/need but if I had to choose I might be tempted by #11 - LA5


Thanks to everyone who has made this thread an interesting read and o have definitely got a couple of books in mind - holiday time is book time for me!

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Just reread the classic "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," a surprisingly straightforward account given it was written during the war. Having met many of the Doolittle Raiders when they held one of their reunions in my small town in coastal Connecticut, I have an interest in the Doolittle Raid. 


Thank you for your kind and generous offer. 

I'll take #7.


I'd be interested in the MC.202 Series VIII.

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@Waldo - How about your most recent favorite WWI/WWII movie then?  This community has added a number of those to my viewing list over the years too - including some good Russian ones (with subtitle) that I would have never seen otherwise.

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Thank you for expressing the gratitude and joy many of us feel.



RNG 15


I'm not sure if this counts... but Oleg Korytov's Lend-Lease interviews (which should be a book) are likely my favourites... as they have a lot of detail, preserve memories that would be lost, and give a sense of connection to the pilots in the Great Patriotic War and their lives leading up to it as described in their own words - things which are almost non-existent in English language sources. This interview with Olga Mikhaylovna Lisikova is a good example - and should make anyone excited to try flying a U-2 or Lisunov-2...


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16 is already taken
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22 hours ago, Varibraun said:

and @Lemsip with his recent “The Big Show”.


Thankyou so much for the mention, means a lot! Ive also read 'Gun Button to Fire' great book from the late Tom Neil. 


I recently re-read 'Going Solo' by Roald Dahl, which tell of his exploits as a Gladiator and Hurricane pilot in the desert and then during the Greek Campaign. Very interesting and unique account of a lesser known part of the war.


No: 12


I'd like the MC 202 please 😁


Thanks again!

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  • 1CGS

Am I being punked? Well, please let it be known that I did not pay this person for his thank you post. LOL All I can say is you're welcome and your singling out the team and certain individuals in the community is very well deserved. 


First, the Development Team in Moscow and in other places in Russia are the real heroes here. I just tell them what to do and they do their jobs day-in and day-out in some of the worst winter weather a person can encounter. Really a talented, dedicated bunch. They started ROF before I ever got involved and they soldiered on after Albert moved on, I just got control of the rudder. I don't deserve anywhere the amount of praise they do. The team has worked several small miracles in the past few years for sure and I hope we can continue for many more.


Second, this community is very special and filled with a lot of dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable people. Most of my personal friends these days comes from this group and I am grateful so many have stuck by us through tough times and hard decisions


This business is tough, but we keep working hard.


Thank you Varibraun for such a thoughtful post and for giving so many items away to other users. Very, very kind of you!









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Awesome write-up. The community behind this game is really incredible. 


For a favorite first person novel I'd say 'Thunderbolt' by Robert S. Johnson and Martin Caidin. Johnson is an incredible guy with an incredible story.

For a favorite WWII book that I read recently I'd go with 'Masters of the Air' by Donald L. Miller. It's more of a history narrative but just an incredible read. Miller is a great historian and this book is honestly unbelievable with the amount of organized detail in it. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and give it a try.


For the giveaway (which is super generous of you) I already own everything I'd want but I want to gift BoBp to my brother. So I'm gonna say 3 for BoBp.

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A book only for the minority , it's written in Danish ( don't know about translation to other languages ) 

But I read it for about a year ago and I think it's was a very interesting book with many fakta ..... And also it surprise me how much they know and can find out 

Like this plane shoot down / shoot down by this plane 


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Thank you for the mention, and this giveaway too! 😁


Mine is "Die Ersten und die Letzten" by Adolf Galland, English title "The First and the Last". It's a fantastic book about his experience in WW2 that gives good insight in what it was like to deal with both the Nazis stomping down on High Command of the Luftwaffe, as a fighter pilot trying to protect his own country, and the conflicts that ensued. It's probably one of the most immersive ones and I recommend it to everyone who has not read it yet.



I already have all of the planes, but a friend of mine is from a nation that struggles economically, so his purchasing power parity is in the basement - hence I'd like to gift it to him if I win anything.


I'd like to take the Lucky 7,


for either Battle of Bodenplatte, Battle of Kuban, or the old but charming "auntie" Ju-52, like the Germans like to call her.

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If you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend "If you survive" by George Wilson.




I will roll the number... 18 !

If I do win, I'd like to get one of the following:


Primary - Battle of Bodenplate premium edition

Secondary - Battle of Moscow standard edition


I already own BoB but one of my friends has been left out 👍

Thank you very much for offering all of those gifts to everyone.



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So far, my favorite is Cyrk Skalskiego (English: Skalski's Circus) aka The Polish Fighting Team. PFT was a Polish unit that fought with the British Commonwealth Desert Air Force in the North African Campaign of World War II, in 1943. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Fighting_Team



But I think there is no English translation :( What I've found is this - https://polska.pl/history/history-poland/biography-polish-fighter-ace-published-uk/

I recommend you to read about Stanisław Skalski on Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanisław_Skalski or here https://www.kenleyrevival.org/content/history/faces-of-kenley/stanislaw-skalski-best-polish-pilot-battle-britain

I would love to get a Yak-1B or Ju-52 as a second choice. I will go with number #13.

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I'm new here 😊. Anyway, I a book about the pacific theater and I'm not a fan of fighters so the book I'll show you is "Red Star Against the Swastika", the story of the Shturmovik pilot, Vasily B. Emelianenko. I have read it 2 times and I'm still looking for the 3rd time.


I wish for no.5  Battle of Moscow - Standard and no.13 Ju52/3m

and the number is 8.





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Quick update - No more winners yet (there must have be something really lucky about Flying Circus).  I will keep checking in today, but will cut it off at midnight UTC and go with "first closet without going over" rule.   

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I have already posted but this was my introduction to world war two armaments around 15 years ago on my grandma's library, its in spanish i know but it has really nice pictureas and even if it feels a bit incomplete every page has a real story about the weapon and the soldiers who used it, ill leave a couple images here and a link with it.



And i  think that the winning number for bodenplatte its gonna be 10 aside for the 16 i had already said, anyway @Varibraun thanks for everything


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Very cool book on the Doolittle Raid, I wrote an essay about this back in High School. It turned out to be a really interesting topic and I highly recommend reading this book. Many firsthand accounts are given from people involved in the raid!. 



Thanks for the giveaway!


I roll a.. 20! 


I'd prefer Bodenplatte,  Kuban, then Moscow in descending order. 


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I will roll 16! Thank you in advance and hope you check out these books. 


My choice in order:

#1: Battle of Bodenplatte

#2: Battle of Moscow 

#3: Battle of Kuban


I suggest the book by Saburō Sakai called "Samuari!" It's a book that super detailed essentially month to month. It's my favorite aviation book.  https://www.amazon.com/Samurai-Classics-Naval-Literature-Saburo/dp/1591147557/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


I also recommend:


"The Blonde Knight of Germany." It's a book about none other than Erich Hartmann.



"The Forgotten Soldier" Is another great book about a French-german that is conscripted to fight on the eastern front. 



All three are autobiographies and are critical of the war (some of the descriptions make you feel empty inside at what people faced in war.) and gives an interesting perspective that is grounded by an individual perspective in a much wider war. 



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A great appreciation thread  in books and software.  Too broaden the formats - if anyone is interested in Soviet TV Series - Amazon Prime has a few  series from Russia in its library including The Attackers.👍


They also have some of the more recent WW2 Films from Russia/Ukraine like Battle for Sevastopol.


On the subject of Books:

"Spitfire into Battle" by Group Captain Duncan Smith warrants a mention.

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Nice work everyone!  All winners are now posted in the original post and keys should be in your mailbox. 


No entries for the P-40, so it is still up for grabs...first post for it wins the old bird.

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