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Current specs vs what to get?

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Budget is tight but Christmas is coming and final year bonuses as well (was lucky this year) so what the hell why not...


I decided to improve/change my hardware, but Im not an expert about it.


My current basic specs:



-Motherboard: Gygabyte B85M D3H

-Processor: Intel I5-4440 @ 3.20 GHz - 3101 MHz

-Graphics: GTX 1050 (not the ti one), 4GB. Edit: searching on google, I realized its 2Gb. (But using dxdiag on windows, it says 4095 MB of graphic card RAM, any idea why?)

RAM: 8GB (don't remember the "speed". They were bought in 2015 if that helps at all).

-Monitor: pending, have to check when arrived home.


I dont know if that's all I need to detail here or Im missing something, but that's basically my PC hardware.


Flight hardware:

The flight hardware is OK I guess:


- Thrustmaster T16000M

- Saitek throttle quadrant (I have it connected to the yoke, which I don't use in this game).


- A 'cheap' head-tracker that I can't compare against the TrackIR5 (or previous ones) since I never tried them, but I guess its fine (works fine but it makes me feel dizzy after some minutes playing and dogfighting enemies, I guess its because my profile/curves are not properly set, I just played around a bit with the curves but didn't do much more).


- Sadly not pedals yet, but ordered them already (I ordered a guy who makes it in my country, luckily I found one, so I decided to give it a chance instead of going for the classic Saitek or CH ones that REALLY doesn't attract me at all). Meanwhile, Im using the joystick hand twisting feature, which I feel horrendously unnatural and even makes the joystick sound like plastic balls in a box being shaked in a carnival, Im scared it would even damage the joystick. Before, I used mouse buttons to control ruders (a pain in the ***), but maybe go back to that while I wait for the pedals, for the point stated above.


So, what would you change/improve from my PC stats?

About flight hardware? do you have a trim wheel or something like that and would recommend?


Im looking towards the PC part more, since the joystick+throttle quadrant+tracker+pedals are already OK in the flight hardware part, but I'm open to any advice.


Thanks in advance.

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As buget is tight why not have a look on ebay , see if you can get a second hand mb/ram/graphics card deal?

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