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Trying to link BoK on steam

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Im trying to figure out how to link Battle of Kuban into my steam profile. Steam say I dont own it. 

My account are already linked, I have BoS and BoM on the platform ( available on Steam and IL-2 website). I can play all three  by launching STEAM. I just want it to say I own it on Steam.

Im starting to lose patience here, any help ? 


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Normal thing and an inherent flaw of the system. Steam recognises only titles bough on steam, even though by linked IL2 account you can use all titles as one.


I have only BoS on steam. Steam says, I don`t own BoM, BoK and BoBP because I have purchased license keys in IL2 store.

Steam also says I don`t own any of the Collector Planes I bought in IL2 store. For the same reason it is [hypothetically] possible to double buy a Collector Plane.


Some time ago founders who prepurchased IL2 titles could get product steam keys by request. Probably doesn`t make sence since the linkage.

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Ah I see. Alright thanks for the answer. Too bad though, cause I want my money to go towards the devs, but I also want my games on STEAM (write review). 


Its a tough choice, I think I'll wait for games to release on STEAM (thinking about getting BoBP)


Thanks for the answer !

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