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Adding Historical Landmarks

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I really love the the bodenplatte map the way it is. Really great work by the team! 
Flying over the map I have seen beautifull landmarks and recognisable buildings (not sure if some things where placed on purpose or just well placed by the scenery generation tool

There are though some areas that i would love to see updated in more detail and a few custom landmarks in the process , a few cities where bombed in the bodenplatte period of time. Especially my home city of Rotterdam was  completely flattend by the time of bodenplatte , two landmark buildings where still standing in the heart of the city, the laurenskerk and the city hall I would love to build these for the scenery and get a more representative view on of the city (this has in historical sense been the cause of capitulation in the netherlands and beginning of the small exodus (royals)  over the north sea) . 


Another mark  I really miss is on the german belgian border , a place called  ordensburg vogelsang. an symbol of german architecture which still stands untill this day.


The developpers are working hard on the new updates but i would love to polulate the scenery with landmarks like these, 
Is there somewhere a tutorial on how to put buildings into the game engine in mod form for example?
I do know my way around blender.






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