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Ummmm, lozenge.  Me like lozenge. 😁

And I like that straight cross overpainting the iron cross.  Different.  I hadn't seen that before.

Not only great skins but great aviation history lessons as well. Two for the price of one. 

"And free is a very good price."- - - The late Tom Petersen, local furniture and appliance salesman, Portland Wrestling sponser and late night TV personality.

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10 hours ago, HotWaffle said:


Thanks! I made the lozenge myself to match the aviattic lozenge decals I have.


I really like your lozenge colours. The skins that come with the game are too grubby, washed-out and subdued. The real-life colours were quite bright, at least according to the info I have from Windsock profiles etc.

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