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Secret new airplane in BoBP

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HiHo  all you flyers,

some people complain about the numerous bugs in the BoBP career and state that they won't play BoBP any longer before they are sorted out.


[Humor on]

I strongly disagree to that, because BoBP is so full of unintentional humor that I feel brilliantly entertained.

And, there are secrets to discover, too.

Let me give you two examples:

First, as a star wars hommage the developers added a new secret fighter to the allied arsenal, called the X-Wing Spitfire:



Sadly, this powerful fighter can't be flown by the player.



Flying for evil Darth Vader, I noticed that the P-47 ground attacker got an AI upgrade allowing for extreme low level attacks at an altitude of exact 0.0 meters:


Unfortunately, there still seems to be some bug in it, since the plane becomes somehow static in that mode. Perhaps some relativistic time anomaly.

So, there's a lot to discover in BoBP.

 I'm now seriously determined to find the counterpart to the X-Wing, the Bf109 TIE fighter.

[Humor off]


The first example is due to some weird doubling effect, since both Spits in the X-Wing are flown by the same pilot.

The second example showed up twice upon flying ground attacker intercept missions on the german side. One of the P-47s was nailed to the ground with spinning prop right from the beginning.


But let's get serious again:

There's a lot to do for the developers in BoBP and TC as well on the one hand.

On the other hand, knowing IL-2 since it's very first "incarnation", it was at any time way ahead of all the competitors on the market, giving me the justifiable hope that all of that will be fixed over time.

In this spirit:


best regards





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I had already this kind of problem with two planes that get locked without having real damage and then going down together. The problem is probably the resistance at structural point of contact not depending on speed of encounter between the planes. In reality you cannot have this kind of collision and no damage at all. It does not happen often except when collisions are at low relative speed. 

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