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Issues when testing time limits for combat mode.

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I was doing some testing earlier, wanting to find out when exactly I'd damage or destroy my engine by running combat mode too long in the Fw 190 A-3 and A-8.


I tried it a few times just to make sure it wasn't a one time error, but I would never get more than 21 minutes until receiving the message that I've exceeded time for combat power, and the engine would be completely dead by about 25 minutes.  I was using the clock that is inside of the cockpit to time it.


When flying the A-3, I actually got as little as 18 minutes before receiving the time limit message.


I also made sure that my engine was exactly what the specifications say- 1.32 ata, 2400 RPM.  I just flew in a straight line and made sure the engine temperatures were normal.


For the Fw 190 A-3, here are the specifications:


Nominal (unlimited time): 2300 RPM, 1.2 ata

Combat power (up to 30 minutes): 2400 RPM, 1.32 ata

Emergency power (up to 3 minutes): 2700 RPM, 1.42 ata



I do see that it says "up to" x time... so I'm not sure exactly how I should interpret it.


The main reason I wanted to do this was because when flying in MP, there were a couple times when flying the Bf 110 E-2, that I was using emergency power.  In MP (at least on the servers I fly), there is never a message letting you know that you've exceeded the time... but in less than 2 minutes, I had engine damage, which seems like what should be the case for boosted power, but not emergency as it says up to 5 minutes.


Specifications for Bf 110 E-2:


Nominal (unlimited time): 2200 RPM, 1.15 ata

Combat power (up to 30 minutes): 2300 RPM, 1.23 ata

Emergency power (up to 5 minutes): 2400 RPM, 1.3 ata

Boosted power (up to 1 minute): 2400 RPM, 1.4 ata

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I tought for long time that thouse messages dont show up in MP only but then i run some checks and noticed that they are tied to Instrument Panel option in realisam settings.


I reported this as bug long time ago:


I run test now on 190a3, a5 and a8, and i also got message that combat run out after ~19min so its probably another bug as it says it should last 30min.



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I have a friend that I play with, and there have been multiple times when we're flying the Bf 110 E-2 side by side, same loadout and everything; we will both be using the exact same power and radiator settings and multiple times he will get a message that one of his engines is now damaged.  We'll be at 78% throttle, which is close to max combat power (which would be 79%).


We've never been able to figure it out, and if were a timer thing, I would have also damaged one of my engines.  Either way it would be well within the 30 minute combat power timer, closer to 10 minutes actually.

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