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Sound design in tank crew

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I've played a few hours in the new scripted campaigns, and to me the most jarring thing was the sound design. Or the lack of it.
Everything outside of your own tank is just plain awfull, imho.

Other tanks guns  firing sound are muffled distant things, even when you are poking your head out of your tank while they fire 3 meters from you.
Shells traveling past you make no sounds at all.
Impacts on your own tank, from HE or AP are a confusing, barely directional, mix of underwhelming metal and explosion sound. When they work at all. It seems to me that one hit received in 3 actually play a sound, others just silently shake my camera like a coked up barman making a vodka martini.

And the bombs, oh the bombs. Mission 3 or 4 of the Axis campaign, you wait for an enemy position to be bombed. Aaand.. No sound at all, 2km away from (I suppose) 500kg bombs, nothing.

I'm guessing that it is due to a direct port of the sound engine from the plane side of things. But, am I the only one to notice that ?

If not, has there been any word from the devs about that ?

I understand that adding more tanks and fixing more pressing issues is a probably a better use of dev time right now, but damn is it an immersion killer.

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41 minutes ago, TIGRE88 said:

it would have been nice to be able to adjust the sound level of the radio transmissions of aircraft and tank pilots in the game,

In aircrafts it should be possible since the last update (I didn't try it yet), would have been nice to add this feature to TC, too.

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